Wild Garden,

A garden undertaken in two stages - initially to transform a building site into a 'wild orchard'. This part of the project involved clearing the building site of this recently renovated property, and improving the soils, then implementing wildflower meadow planting, fruit trees, fruiting hedging, and naturalistic planting schemes. A formal herb garden was introduced to a separate area of the garden. 

Stage two of the project was to create smaller rooms within the orchard. This was achieved by installing new beds, tree planting and gravel and stone paths. In order to maintain a wild feel to the garden, new planting was not restricted to the planting beds, but spills out over the paths and into the grass areas. Formal box hedging maintains order amongst this wild mix of scented herbs, grasses, wildflowers and primary growth trees. The material use was developed to create a beautiful overgrown look, with pockets of space amongst it.