This installation was placed symbolically beside the River Great Ouse, in Kings Lynn. 

In my exploration of folklore and landscape I discovered that so many tales come from the Fens of Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. The Fen landscape was an inaccessible swamp until the 1600s, with only its inhabitants knowing the routes through. During the 17th Century the land was drained for agriculture. This process evicted those who lived off the land, and transformed the lawless swamp into a managed, ordered and ruled landscape. Great channels were created, such as the Great Ouse, to remove the water. In removing the water, Fenmen were also removed, and so with them were the stories. The Ouse drains the fens, through Kings Lynn, carrying the stories with it. 

This sculpture is around 6ft tall and made of willow, reeds, hazel and grasses collected in the fens surrounding Kings Lynn.