The natural swimming pool construction method uses no harmful chemicals or additives to the water, instead uses plants and natural ecology, alongside a low energy filter system to provide crystal clear water hygienic for swimming in. This water is beneficial for people and wildlife, allowing both to thrive and enjoy the pool.

The method works by using the plants to remove any excess nutrients from the water. The plants grow over the summer, and in autumn when they die back the dead growth is removed from the pool, which removes all the nutrient built up over the summer. The next spring the plants grow again and start the process once more. The ponds good micro-organisms eat up any harmful micro-organisms and bad bacteria, which keep the water hygienic. A simple filtering process circulates the water around the plants roots, this is low power and non-invasive to plants and wildlife. This combination of natural and human systems maintains a low nutrient clear water body to swim in.

Wildlife will enjoy the pond as much as you will, this swimming pool had a range of pondlife move in shortly after construction including frogs, newts, dragonflies and water boatmen. 

Explore a range of the pools we have created below.

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