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This rewarding project was creating for Moat Island Glamping site in Norfolk, ready for 'glampers' to use on their vacations here. 

The natural swimming pool design uses no chemicals, only plants to keep the water clear and clean. This method of using plants to maintain the pool has been proven as clean, safe water to swim in, and once plants are fully established this water will be crystal clear. 

The method works by using the plants to remove any nutrients from the water, which clears the water. As the plants feed off nutrient in the water over the summer they grow, and then in autumn when they die back the dead growth is removed from the pool, which then removes all the nutrient built up over the summer. The next spring the plants begin growing again the clear the water once more. A simple filtering process circulates the water around the plants roots, but is low power and non-invasive to plants and wildlife.


Wildlife will enjoy the pool as much as you will! Frogs, newts and dragonflies will make the pool home, alongside the water insects and birds that will drink from it. These swimming pools are wonderful ecological homes, whilst providing you a clean and clear waterbody to swim in. 

The images below show the pool shortly after, and during construction.